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The goal of the blog is to publish useful information that will help people persevere on the path of their dreams.
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Culture of Royalty will teach you how to: (click to expand)
  • • Hold ideal conditions in mind
  • • Do your best at your current work
  • • Receive inspiration/opportunity
  • • Determine how the idea serves others
  • • Write down inspiration as goals
  • • Add to project mind map
  • • Add mind map items to your task list
  • • Delegate to your team
  • • Perform tasks each day


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2000 years ago, The Great Teacher said that the greatest among us shall serve. What I realized when writing Culture of Royalty was that if I had a creative idea and simply jotted it down in my journal or wrote it on my computer and saved it in a file, it wasn't serving anyone until the book was published. The goal of a blog is to share these inspirations as they surface, allowing others to comment to expand the idea, then possibly publish books, audio books and other media based on the ideas that reveal truth and uncover/expand other natural laws. These writings are meant to do two things to raise the consciousness of those who read them:

1) Improve One's Attitude

One's attitude is the only thing that can be wrong with them. The right attitude can make all the difference! I was told once, by a self-made millionaire, that one's attitude can make or break someone. He was right! I have found a thought that is the basis of my attitude and allows all the other facets of my life to thrive. That is that the world is in a stage of development, that it is perfect in this stage and is advancing toward completion. Your attitude is the way you feel at a particular time, housing this attitude in your mind will allow you to feel confident and strong, The world is perfect and expanding, holding this attitude, every facet of your life expands, too.

2) Teach Real, Powerful Skills

The only way you will improve the conditions of your life are if you improve the way you think, speak and act. This can only be done by practice.

What does mental practice do? It allows you to perform better in your every day life.