Tom believes that one must persevere with faith that their dreams will eventually unfold. One must continue their journey through the stepping stones, as these reveal our purpose, talents, and which skills have value to the marketplace.

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Thomas Roman is Founder & CEO of Roman Media Group & Roman Ventures

"My main goal is to help others realize their inherent genius by believing in themselves and attaining congruence in their thoughts, speech and actions. I hope that my clients can reach their goals faster by working with my company and me." -Tom Roman

He has learned, through experience, that in order to be successful in business, one must find a business that has traction in the marketplace. In order to do this, one may have to attempt several businesses. Some people call this 'failure', Tom calls the process, 'learning to swim with the tide'. These learning experiences are instrumental in developing the skills one needs to run the various components of a business. He particularly likes Brian Tracy's reference below regarding perseverance.

FACT: Brian Tracy's, The Psychology of Achievement sites an interview of millionaires before 35 years old. They asked the question, "How many businesses did you attempt before you discovered the one that made your real money?" The answer: 18

The reason I bring this up is because people often think they fail if their business doesn't work out for them the first, second or third time. The key is to keep trying! The amount of times you try is directly proportional to success.

Professional Accomplishments

Thomas Roman has delivered thousands of media projects in the past decade, ranging from corporate identities, core marketing collateral, athletic awards, books, audio books and launched over 300 websites to companies around the world. He is an expert in successfully conveying the client’s needs to his team and delivering a result that gives the client a clear ROI, usually within the first six months project completion.

He has worked in engineering firms, such as the Rolex Corporation, and top sales organizations, such as Staples Business Advantage, which leads him to have skills to get the job done on time and on budget. He is also proud of his work at the Iacocca Institute in the development and execution of the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry Program. He still maintains many great relationships through this program.

Tom strives to lead his company and establish trust with his clients through integrity, honesty and loyalty to his value system and that of his colleagues. He proudly named the company after his namesake for the simple reason that, “The Buck Stops Here”. Regardless of the stage of development of any project, if there is ever an issue or a question, all of Roman Ventures client’s have Mr. Roman’s cell phone number and can call him at anytime to discuss and resolve the situation.


Thomas Roman earned both Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) degrees from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. He is so grateful to his Family, Asa Packer & Lehigh's faculty and staff for such an outstanding education and experience.

"Only those who dare to be great, become legends!"
Thomas Roman
with American Business Legend Lee Iacocca at the Iacocca Institute
*Photo by Douglas Benedict